Hey There,
Amongst many things I am a designer.  I am currently located near Seattle, WA and am open to relocation. I am a graduate with a BA In graphic design from Western Washington University. I am very eager to further my career. I am a naturally a loving and conceptual person, who has a burning yet sustainable inner fire to always be creating, whether it be digital or analog, and my favorite is when the two merge. My natural inclination towards the visual field is experimental, conceptually driven, artistic and expressive yet, I make sure to balance that out by sticking to design principles and a love for clean and simple design. I absolutely never settle for anything but the best work possible. I am an individual who is incredibly dedicated to my craft and know that going the extra mile is always the mile that makes the most difference. I absolutely love collaborating with others and working in a team setting, trying out new things and am constantly striving to grow as a designer, an artist and as a human being.
When I am not designing you can catch me painting, playing guitar, giving astrology readings, studying philosophy, leading yoga and meditation classes, playing dnd, or just hanging out with loved ones.