While working at a previous design agency It was my responsibility (while working in tandem with a design lead) to rebrand and redesign the clients homepage– Daz3D.
At first the website looked something like this...
As you can see the partner had zero to little branding and front-loading a whole bunch of information and an overwhelming amount of pictures competing for attention.

Deliver a clean, organized contemporary home page for the client. To make all of the information on their page digestible and appealing.

As the our client was in the tech business we knew it important to brand accordingly– with neutral, cool tones and  an accent color of high saturation for contrast and to draw the eye towards important calls to action. We were also going to a clean, sleek, futuristic style and chose the typography that reflected such contemporary ideals.

On this project I had a lot of responsibility, it was up to me to come up with different layout for the home page, to design the page, the modules within it, find well working typography, scour the galleries to find appealing imagery, sort out the information the client wanted to share and create hierarchy of important information, created assets and UI, I also spent a lot of time in photoshop editing images to use in the site.

After going through the design process, the site ended up here – https://www.daz3d.com/ 

Below I have included some modules from the site i worked on.
All content owned by Daz3D and Elva Design Group

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