Project Brief
In short, the frame for this project was to take an online article and make an interactive website in accordance with said article. We were to have a minimum of one responsive web page that is able to transfer over to mobile formatting. The main goal of this project was to familiarize us students with the world of coding. We were to code this project ourselves within html and css formatting. Not only were we supposed to just code the site but a key aspect was the interactivity behind the whole thing due to the progress technology is allowing for web design and the field of design and web have really begun to merge. We were to integrate assets, animations, transitions and interactive experience.
The Story
While searching for a topic I was considering ideas along the vein of how technology plays a role in human behavior, in a more pessimistic dark side when considering the effects. I was searching along in the realm of psychology before stumbling upon an interesting story of the creation of one of my favorite albums “OK Computer” by Radiohead. The story is about how through the influence of technology and process of stealing information via computers played an impact on the creation of the album. We must keep in mind that the album was being recorded in the mid-to-late 90’s, so the internet was even more of a free-for-all back then. During the recording process of the album bootleggers would hijack the information the band was uploading and post it on websites then Radiohead would go onto these sites then integrate the misinformation into their creation process.
Research Strategy
Determine Image
Seeing as the project requires us to make an interactive website, my goal was to do just that.  While examining my chosen topic two things come to mind upon superficial examination, one Radiohead and two, technology. The look and feel that Radiohead has established is one of cleanliness but with a dark twist, as if you know that the sanitation is hiding a dirty secret that things are not quite what they seem. This is matched with the sparing usage of crazy, emotional expressive visual illustrations to match the height of emotional peaks that Radiohead conveys in their music. I wanted to play on the balance between these two while integrating the technological dystopian we’re living in. I wanted to convey this with corrupt looking web pages and glitchy distorted text. To summarize, my goal was to give the look of this website one that reflects the notion of the article with the aesthetic of Radiohead, to learn code and to make the site an interactive experience.
Target Audience
It is always important to know your target audience when designing anything, and after some research it seems that they don't really have a “target” audience, but people who listen to it usually have a very open mind about different sounds and different music. They have a very unique sound that diversifies them from other bands. A lot of people don’t like all the electronics and different aspects of there music. Although say it seems more appealing to musicians because they can understand what Radiohead is doing better than others. The music is very concept driven, it is not easy listening or pop dance music. Radiohead is meant to be appreciated on a deeper level so the people who listen are usually more conceptual people. Furthermore, we’re now dealing with a website so this niche audience has become even more narrow towards the people who listen to their music and spend time searching the web for more information.
Final Designs

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