Igloo was my very first "big name" client!
I was brought in to design the landing pages for their hard and soft cooler pages. you can view them here–
Hard cooler landing page + Soft cooler landing page

Build two landing pages for different products while working within an established brand's style guide, to include  product information as well as blog posts, and links to other products. Igloo wanted to showcase their different types of products.

Created clean, easy to use pages for a wide demographic, in a lightly corporate setting and style. Made different modules to make digesting information easier and more appealing.

I designed the layout for these pages and each module, created icons, selected appropriate product photography and copywriting. I worked under a creative director.

I would love to further discuss this project if you are curious about anything!

All work owned by Elva Design Group and © Igloo Products Corp. 2023

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