For this project my intention was to showcase all that I have picked up from my previous gig. I wanted to apply the concepts of web/digital design in the feminine, clean, classy, boutique style; which I have been really digging lately. My intention was to create a homepage, product detail page and a product grid page for desktop and mobile. I created these concept pages with the software Figma.

I gave myself the time constraints of one week to deliver this project. I also gave myself the boundaries of a conceptual client of a boutique high end fashion retailer specializing in clothing and jewelry and sticking to a style guide and the guidelines of a client wanting the branding to be modern, feminine, muted and clean.
At the bottom of the page I have attached some links to view the full mobile pages in mobile mockup.
Homepage Highlights
Product Display Page Highlights
Product Grid Page Highlights
Full project can be viewed here
Please note there are multiple pages, to view use arrow keys or click the arrows on the page. There may be some loading time before all photos are proper resolution and little kinks get worked out, too. There also may be some pesky lines in the prototype but this is no fault of mine, but the software – just a heads up.

Copy and paste into your web browser to view.

Desktop Prototype

Mobile Prototype


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