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For the above projects I challenged myself to create pieces that had no context, Just to see what I was capable of making without a prompt or guidelines to work within.
Editorial Illustrations
Illustrations for a web article I read on the subject of how social pressures and expectations effect male suicide rates around the globe. 
With these illustrations I really wanted to touch on different aspects of the complex masculine narratives. For example, the need to be athletic, strong and cold, to hide sensitivities, and having strong work ethics. With these illustrations I wanted exhibit the dark twist these narratives can have on an individuals psyche.
Climate Conference Series
Above are some pieces I created for a conceptual climate conference, It was my intention to create some cohesive branding look and feel systems while studying Cinema 4D.
Showdown at the Shakedown
For the above projects I wanted to see what I was capable of making in the genre of gig posters. Hand lettered and slightly distorted text hand done with a scanner. 
When creating these posters It was my Intention to capture the energy of the Punk-Rock concerts that happen at this venue. I approached creating these posters with hand done elements, lettering, textures and abstract illustrations but then adding a modern twist with clean san serif text and some fine-tuning in photoshop then finally, as an homage to punk-rock I distorted everything with a scanner.
Album Art Work

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