The objective for this project was to develop skills and methods for designing and modifying typefaces. 
The context we had to work within was to design for a "specific location" we were allowed to choose our own location and I chose to design for an esoteric art gallery called "Pluto's Playhouse". As a conceptual thinker this vague prompt allowed me to have some creative freedom. I wanted to match the esoteric nature of the art gallery with equally esoteric imagery and type treatments. 
We were to come up with three words then we were to treat, create or modify the typefaces these words were to be displayed within. I chose the words Æon, Æther and, Khaos with great intention as to match the nature of an esoteric art gallery. I wanted the event posters to reflect the concepts space, time and the human condition, Hence æther (aether), æon (aeon) and khaos (chaos).
Working on this project I felt I also deepened my skills in coordinating display typography within page layout as well as deepened my understanding of word and image syntactic and semantic relationships.
Type Treatment One: Æther
For the first of the type treatments I really wanted to capture the dimensionality that is space but also the space between space, not so commonly known as the substance "aether". This non material substance is illusive so I wanted to capture this concept with an animation that could be interpreted as either a shapeshifting planet or a molecule moving between states of composition.
Alternate Background Ideas
High Quality Animation Stills
Type Treatment Two: Æon
When working on the second type treatment I was contemplating how time (a four dimensional concept) can be represented in a two dimensional representation. My conclusion was to stretch, distort and warp the type. I felt this was the best match to the concept as time is not a single frame capture, but a continuation, a stretching of a single frame, experienced as the passing of time. 
Type treatment Close-ups

Within the first phase of the process I produced hundreds of different scans and selected from my favorite results to create a "Frankenstien" with my favorite results
Alternate Directions
Type Treatment Three: Khaos
Alternate Stylings
Student show posters
Concert Posters for local Venue

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