The lovely people who run the business Wonder Tree Care reached out and hired me to design them a logo. This page is a showcasing of the process that evolved between them and I.
The very first part of this process began with finding a typeface that the customer was interested in using as a foundation for a logotype. I took keywords they wanted me to use such as friendly, whimsical and clean and found matching typefaces.
The client then chose a typeface they liked and I added a second option of typefaces I thought worked really well. My client then said they wanted the logo to include a leaf; so I then went to work on several different options so that we could dig in to refinements.
The client wanted to roll with the single and simple leaf design. They also wanted me to include the typefaces on the right again to think about how they felt on the design, at this point they were more attached to the typefaces on the left because it was closer to what they had visualized for the logo initially but as a designer i suggested that the typefaces on the right was a better fit. after seeing the W with a leaf they loved it! I told them I would work on it more and that it would look great with option C1.
After a small game of spot the difference we settled on the beautiful option A2.
On this section I thought we would choose a good x-height for the typeface-to-logo ratio.
Here, we wanted to figure out what kind of typeface to use for the secondary type and I gave a bunch of options but we then settled on the typeface they wanted for the logotype initially. 

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